The Science Behind Hiking’s Benefits

Being that it is a form of physical activity, hiking has long been known to have physiological benefits. It is an easy, low-impact, calming activity that most anyone can do with relatively little effort or preparation. If you enjoy hiking or are a fan of nature, you may already feel as though it also has psychological benefits. Now, research is being conducted to explain exactly how nature can positively impact your mental health. Stress is one of the biggest health problems in America, and everybody has felt it at some point. However, while a certain degree of stress may start to feel “normal” in our lives, it can have drastic impacts. If the body’s neurological and physical reactions to stress are prolonged for 14 days, depression symptoms ensue. If stress from one stimulus is affecting the body, one may experience elevated responses to other stimuli-even seemingly insignificant ones found in urban settings or our daily encounters. This article details exactly how researchers have proven the mental and physical health benefits of hiking and nature for just about anyone under the sun. Read on to see how nature can benefit you!

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