Group Activities & Team Building


        In athletics, there is an ideology called ‘cross-training.’ It is the theory that skills for a particular sport can be honed and improved by understanding and applying those skills in the context of another sport or environment. This same theory can apply to group or team dynamics. By taking the dynamic and its members out of the traditional environment, the dynamic can be understood in a new context and improved upon. This tactic is effectively used by collegiate and professional sports teams, international corporations and local businesses, and even in classrooms across the country. While it may sound elementary, team building is an instrumental component of group cohesion in any environment. This is achieved by combining engaging group experiences with reflective dialogue about the experience. It is typically carried out on-site  where the group regularly functions, at a neutral location, or in a wilderness context and can incorporate a variety of activities designed specifically for the group.

        Who can benefit from Team Building or Group Activities? Any group of 2 or more people that have a pre-existing relationship or shared experience. This is not a solution to a problem… it is a mutual understanding through a shared experience. Even if there is no apparent malfunctioning dynamic in a group, couple, or team, group activities can be utilized to maximize group cohesion and understand individual and group dynamics.


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  • Sport Team Building– Maximize teamwork with activities designed to challenge individuals to operate in a new team setting
  • General Group Activities– Challenge your group to work as a team to complete tasks in an effort to understand and improve group dynamics
  • Corporate On-Site Group Activities-Bring the activity to you! Team building for the workplace, in the workplace. Understand and improve group dynamics in the environment in which they function
  • Corporate Group Excursions– Take your corporate group out of it’s traditional setting for a new, shared experience
  • Family and Friend Excursions– Looking to improve dynamics on a personal level, or just share a little bit of fun? Plan a group excursion tailored to you and the ones closest to you. Don’t just spend time together, share an experience!