Personal and Group Training


Personal training is one of the fundamental components of the fitness industry. It is also one of the most powerful tools one has when creating a plan for prolonged activity. People preparing for athletic competition, rehabilitating from injury, or simply aiming to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle can utilize personal training to maximize their potential. Even personal trainers seek guidance from and share advice with one another! Whether you desire to improve upon, begin, or hit the reset button on your physical activity, personal training can be a beneficial resource. This can be as brief as a conversation or consultation to gauge current ability or as extensive as a continued partnership with a long-term plan.

My personal philosophy on training and exercise has always been that it should prepare you for and improve upon the things you want to do. Coaches always say “practice the way you play,” and I believe that applies to life as well. No two workout programs are identical because no two lives are identical, so do what helps you do the things you want to do! I have experience with designing programs and/or training for a variety of sports, short and long distance running, weightlifting, injury rehabilitation, outdoor activities, weight-loss, and a variety of lifestyle activities. I have worked with people ages 6 to 60+. If you happened to read the “About Me” section, you know that my approach is from a biopsychosocial perspective. In all of my personal and professional experience, I have found the most success with a comprehensive approach that takes into account all aspects of one’s life to formulate an integrated plan for a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Taking a page out of positive psychology’s playbook, a fitness plan focused on the strong-suits/strengths of an individual or group allows for measurable growth and empowering experiences which lead to lasting change. As a trainer, I take into account what one wants to be able to do, what one currently does, what one is or is not (currently) capable of doing, and how one perceives his/her own ability to achieve the set goals. Just about any exercise or piece of equipment can be utilized depending on the client and his/her goals. When purposed correctly, body-weight exercises and functional movements can have profound effects on strength, endurance, joint and bone health, and “muscle memory,” which can all be applied to real-life activities. I am a proponent of “functional training,” and utilize it to varying degrees in a large percentage of the workout programs I design.

What is Functional Training? If it sounds a little ambiguous at face value, that’s because it is. It is the most functional application of exercise geared specifically to what you expect your body to do on a daily basis, so it varies depending on the person and his/her goals. A typical workout is comprised of practical resistance, agility, cardiovascular, body-weight, and/or flexibility exercises that take the body through natural, useful movement. I focus on this form of training because it can be applied to any fitness goal, and after all, shouldn’t every workout program be a dynamic, practical approach tailored to a specific goal?



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Personal Training– A partnership designed to create and maintain a workout plan… for the athlete preparing for competition, the person rehabilitating an injury after physical therapy, the hiker preparing for a long backpacking trip, or the individual looking to maintain and/or improve upon his/her physical capabilities.

  • Single sessions, multi-session packages, and workout plan only options available in-person and online.

Fitness/Workout Consultations– A one-time assessment, a consultation about health and fitness goals, a session for co-creating a workout plan, or a continued partnership with intermittent check-ins for any of the above.

  • Single consultations or monthly check-in options available in-person or online (health assessment can be conducted)

Group Training– An individualized training program in an upbeat, dynamic atmosphere. Bring fitness to the group, or take the group to a gym-setting for a workout or progressive class (i.e. cardio, weight-lifting, boxing, yoga, etc.).

  • One time workouts, weekly sessions, and progressive 4-week classes are available on-site in the gym or off-site at a location chosen by the group.

Outdoor Workout Programs– A natural approach to training- body-weight, resistance, cardio, agility, and/or flexibility exercises in a nature context… no gym required! This is a great way to prepare for outdoor activity or an obstacle course race, complement a sport or workout routine, or simply workout in a peaceful environment.

  • One time workouts, weekly sessions, and individualized programs are available for groups or individuals in a wide variety of outdoor settings (see Group Activities & Team Building for multi-day excursion programs)