Wellness Coaching and Consulting


What is wellness coaching? Wellness coaching is a relatively new development in the fitness industry, and has been used as a loose definition for a variety of coach-client relationships similar to life coaching or health coaching. It can best be defined as a client-centered partnership based upon understanding oneself (or ones group), creating possibilities, and carrying out comprehensive plans of action to achieve any life goal. Wellness coaching takes a positive-psychology approach which recognizes the importance of ones strengths and utilizes them to accomplish these goals. Wellness coaching is commonly utilized for weight-loss, smoking cessation, stress and impulse control, interpersonal dynamics, and corporate wellness initiatives, among other things. A wellness coach is not a personal trainer, a dietitian, or a therapist. They are a professional coach tasked with promoting self-discovery and self-definition in an active learning environment, working with a client to understand behaviors and co-create a plan with the desired end goal of autonomously maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Who needs a wellness coach? Anybody. Everybody! Whether you’re looking to understand and control stress in your life, create a more active lifestyle, maintain and improve your active lifestyle, work through a transition in your life, or want to better understand yourself, a conversation with a wellness coach can have significant benefits. A partnership with a wellness coach can have a lasting impact.



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Wellness Coaching Consultation– Unsure if a wellness coach is for you? Unsure of where to take your next step? Take a step forward and open a dialogue about your goals and plans!

  • Free ½ hour consultations are available in person or online to decide if wellness coaching could benefit you

Wellness Coaching– A contractual partnership based on understanding ones strengths, creating possibilities and plans to achieve specific goals

  • Short-term (1-2 mos.) or long term (6-12 mos.) partnerships are available for individuals or groups in-person or online

Corporate Wellness Initiatives– Open a dialogue and/or partnership between your company and a wellness professional to maintain healthy, happy, and productive lifestyles in and out of the workplace

  • One-time visits and continued, multi-dimensional programs can be arranged in the workplace or in a fitness facility (information, discussion, and assessment-based partnership which can be complemented by Group Activities & Team Building)

Family Wellness Coaching– Wellness coaching is a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate family members and dynamics to maximize your and your family’s potential