When it comes to women’s clothing, the competition in the fashion industry is undoubtedly a lot. Various collections always fight for their place in the market and to reach more and more costumers. Imagine you’re in a mall with different shops trying to divert your attention to them. You look here and there thinking what to buy. They did confuse you to lead you into what to buy and what to drop. However with more and more fashion trends coming into view, there are more things to consider than what the other brands lead you into. From camisole tops, to denim jackets, boiler suits, wrap dresses, tees and shirts and much more.

There was once a time when you used to be confined to the shops nearby to buy clothes. Internet today changed the entire thinking of it as you can shop for anything in one click. In this blog we will guide you through the best-selling collections and list of items you need in your wardrobe.

1- Oversized Zip Up Hoodie

Zipper hoodies are the coolest incorporation to your wardrobe as it adds cuteness and coziness to the dress. The ultra-soft cotton blend of this zipper hoodie gives the comfort you crave for during the rough days. The long sleeves are perfect for those who are obsessed with covering their hands molding the outfit into cute one. The surface of the hood is attached to the drawstring giving you access to tighten the hood as much as you want. It also accentuates the look of the zipper hoodies. The two pockets on each side are separated with the full length zipper in the front. The 80 20 ratio of the cotton and polyester respectively, gives the required softness to the hoodie also giving you ease of machine wash. The oversize of this hoodies hits perfectly when it goes longer towards the mid thighs available on American Eagle cashback.

2- Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirt

If we look around us, more than half of the female population can be seen in the oversized shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts. It is simple; oversized clothes provide the comfort of other type of cloth provides. With that being said, we mentioned Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirt first on the list. The softness is unbeatable since the fabric composition is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, suitable for machine washes. The oversize gives the shirt baggy fit letting you relax in what you wear. the length of the sweatshirt can go down to the mid-thighs with long sleeves and gentle fleece perfect for all year round.

3- Floral Button-Front V-neck Mini Dress

Attract butterflies with Floral Button-Front V-Neck Mini Dress available in 4 different floral patterns and colors. The dress is designed with the lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch. The buttoned front closes up in the V-Neck with sleeveless Spaghetti straps giving off femininity and making you feel beautiful. The design also contains front tie details enhancing the look of the entire dress. 100% Viscose you can wash it in machine as the fabric won’t wither away. The dress comes in mini length but not too short providing you comfort to move freely in it.