04 Oct 2023

Exclusivity and Excellence – The World of High-Class Models

The concept of social class refers to groups of people with similar socioeconomic statuses. It has traditionally been assumed that there are three general classes: upper class wealthy, middle class professional workers, and lower class factory or blue-collar laborers. While income is the main indicator…


Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands to Invest In

The top luxury watch brands that hold their value are those with some kind of X-Factor. That can be hard to define but think of watches that are harder to find (think Rolex waiting lists that are tougher to make than a SpaceX ticket) or…


Starting a Career in Microblading: Step-by-Step Guide

Microblading is an innovative and sought-after cosmetic technique that has taken the beauty industry by storm. Whether you’re passionate about beauty or looking for a new career avenue, microblading could be your perfect path. This comprehensive guide will explore the exciting world of Microblading and…


How to Heal Your New Tattoo: An Aftercare Step by Step Guide

Congratulations on your fresh tattoo! Whether it’s your first or one of many, taking care of your new ink is crucial to ensure it heals beautifully. Let’s walk through a simple step-by-step aftercare guide to help your tattoo look its best. 1. Keep it Covered…