The concept of social class refers to groups of people with similar socioeconomic statuses. It has traditionally been assumed that there are three general classes: upper class wealthy, middle class professional workers, and lower class factory or blue-collar laborers. While income is the main indicator of social class, other factors such as occupational prestige and educational attainment also contribute to one’s status.

Exceptional Professionalism

Whether they are working on the runway or a commercial assignment, high-fashion models represent an elite level of professionalism. As the industry’s top talent, they must adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations for their own safety and that of others, as well as ensure that they maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. According to the modeling training website Masterclass, “models have a lot of power” and must understand that their decisions can impact everyone in their immediate and extended networks. Exceptionally professional models have a reputation for promoting respect, honesty and confidentiality. They work as part of a team to deliver quality care.

Commanding Top-Tier Assignments

Tiered assignments are a way to differentiate classroom tasks for students at varying levels of mastery. However, it can be challenging to maintain appropriate rigor for all students. Students may question why they are receiving different materials or assignments, and this can affect their classroom morale.

Commercial models are hired by designers and brands to promote products and services. These models are often found on the runway, posing for fashion photographers and wearing designer apparel. Models in this category are highly paid.

Lingerie models wear brassieres and other undergarments for photoshoots and catalogs. They also work the runway to showcase the latest in undergarment fashion for lingerie designers and brands. Swimsuit models are most famous for their appearances in the magazine Sports Illustrated.

While many high-fashion models move on to acting roles, Cara Delevigne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have opted to stay away from the runway and focus more on their business ventures and acting careers. These models have become celebrities with millions of followers on social media. They have used their celebrity status to launch successful fashion lines and act in several action-packed films, like Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. They are a true example that age is just a number in the modeling world.

Exceptional Skills

The most important skills to possess as a model are the ability to take direction and act in a professional manner. A model’s appearance is also crucial, and a high-class model can command better assignments than a model with less-than-impressive physical traits.

Fashion models, also known as runway models, are hired by fashion designers to wear their clothing in photo shoots and fashion shows. These models typically have a slim figure and are encouraged to remain trim.

Alternative, or alt, models don’t conform to industry standards in terms of appearance. Their tattoos, piercings, radical hair, and wardrobes full of spikes and PVC reflect their wild side. These models often cross over to glamour modeling and art modeling assignments. These models also tend to be more in demand than other types of models.